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PETA Scholarship

2023 Bonnie K. Williams / PETA Scholarship Application (Applications will be available February/March, 2023)

  • Scholarship is open to dependents of PETA members

  • Applicants must be high school seniors applying to an accredited institution of higher learning or full-time students currently enrolled in college.

  • Past recipients are not eligible.

  • All forms must be complete when submitted.

  • Answer all questions in typed form or in ink.

  • Use N/A (not applicable) where questions don't apply.

  • Do not attach additional pages (awards, achievements, etc.)

  • Current high school or college TRANSCRIPTS must accompany the application

  • Two letters of recommendation. Use the attached forms or attach letters in the appropriate order. Applicants are advised to carefully select the person who will complete the letters. It should communicate the applicant’s qualities and achievements as well as reflect the criteria listed on the recommendation form.

  • Social security # of applicants must be on the application due to tax reporting.

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